Why Swimming is Good For Your Health

Why Swimming is Good For Your Health

Everyone needs to exercise to stay in prime condition but it can be difficult to find the right type of workout, particularly if you’re out of shape or carrying an injury. However, swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone and it’s suitable for any age.

If you need a bit more convincing to pull your swimsuit on and hit the water, here are some of the reasons why swimming is good for your health.

Helps to Prevent Injury

Up to 90% of your bodyweight is supported while you’re in the water so it’s a good option for individuals who aren’t used to exercising or who are carrying an injury. Whether it’s a chronic, long-term health condition that you have or an acute sprain or muscular strain, swimming can help you to stay active without making your injury worse.

When you’re recovering from an injury, looking for activities which aren’t weight-bearing can be tough but swimming ticks all the boxes. It doesn’t put any stress on the body’s skeletal system, allowing you to exercise without any risk.

Relaxes and Improves Mood

Exercise of any kind can often help with low mood and stress, because of the release of feel-good endorphins. However, swimming has been found to be particularly beneficial in combating anxiety, depression and stress and promoting good sleep.

As well as the exercise, part of the reason for this is the rhythmic nature of swimming. Repeated, regular movement accompanies by the sound of gently lapping water has a hypnotic effect.

Burns Up Calories

If you’re looking to shed weight, swimming is an excellent exercise to add to your schedule as it’s one of the best forms of activity to drop surplus pounds. You don’t need to be an amazing swimming and do front crawl at super-speeds to start burning up a decent amount of calories.

Even a gentle swim will burn 200 calories for every half an hour you spend in the water; that’s more than double what you’d burn from a walk. Obviously, the faster and harder you swim, the more calories you’ll burn but the goal is to swim for a prolonged period of 30 minutes or longer, not burn yourself out within the first five minutes. These longer swims are the best at burning calories and fat.

Protects Against Disease

Keeping active is important to protect against future disease and swimming helps to lower your overall risk. Swimming regularly reduces the chances of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and also slashes the risk of having a stroke.

It Works Out the Entire Body

Many modern workouts focus on particular muscle groups; it’s rare to find something that exercises the entire body. Swimming is the exception as it works every muscle group in the body, regardless of what stroke you choose.

In addition, every 30 minute swim is equivalent to exercising for 45 minutes on the land. Working out your full body for that length of time in the gym would involve some serious effort but somehow in the water it just feels like fun!

The Best All-Round Exercise

Above are just some of the reasons why it’s beneficial to get in the water regularly. Swimming helps to keep you fit, protect against disease and it can improve your mental well-being too. Don’t wait any longer, grab your towel and your swimsuit and head down to the local pool today!