Why Cycling is Better Than Running

Why Cycling is Better Than Running

Why cycling is better than running is a tough question to answer. Research shows differing opinions out there, with some experts stating running is best, others pushing cycling, and those who say they are equal, but that your choice should depend on your personal health and what it is you want to accomplish.

Are you looking to get fit quickly?

Cycling: In comparison to a steady increase of knowledge that comes with schooling, cycling is a way to create staying power through repetitive stamina training, which offers a low physical impact allowing you to continue riding longer.

Running: Sure, running also creates a steady increase in stamina, but it will take much longer to reach max stamina because it is more painful than cycling. Running will cause more bone damage and muscle soreness.

The winner is: Cycling

Aiming to build muscle?

Cycling: The ability to ride a bike is powered by your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This will allow for a build-up in leg muscles. However, be sure to match it with some time on the upper body at the gym or in your home.

Running: Basically, bulking up while running is impossible, even if you’re hitting the hills. You would be major strain on your entire body. If you’ve watched Arnold Schwarzenegger running, you catch our drift.

The winner is: Cycling

Trying to get rid of that gut?

Cycling: You only burn 97 calories every 10 minutes you ride a bike. The fact is, you are on a seat the whole time, and therefore are not using your full weight, and so you will not be working as hard as running to enable weight loss. You got to get up and moving on your feet to manage that feat.

Running: It wouldn’t really be fair if we didn’t give running a nod here. Take a trek on a treadmill for only 14.2 minutes, and you will burn 200 calories. Studies show that riding a bicycle will take 27 minutes to accomplish this. If you really want to burn the calories even quicker, try cycling in some sand or uneven terrain.

The winner is: Running

Which one will keep you off crutches?

Cycling: Since the average crash on a bicycle happens just once each 900,000 miles, there are only six injuries every 1000 hours. One important aspect to keep in mind, in order to avoid injuries is to make sure you don’t extend your legs fully when pedaling.

Running: Statistics show that running causes 11 injuries every 1000 hours. The reason for this is that your vertebrae are often compressed by the shockwaves of pounding the ground with your feet. In fact, a marathon runner will shrink a whole centimeter while running in a race.

The winner is: Cycling

As you can see, at least in these three categories, cycling is the better option when considering all three together. Try looking up some other comparisons.