How to Stay Positive in a Crisis

How to Stay Positive in a Crisis

When life hits you and you end up having to deal with a difficult situation, maintaining your calm can seem almost impossible. But losing your temper and having a nervous breakdown won’t help solve the problems; quite the contrary. You will lose focus, make bad decisions and maybe even damage your mental health.

The key is to do all you can not to lose temper and cool off before you start to actually deal with the problem itself. But how can you manage to do so, in times where it seems there is no possible outcome that won’t turn into a disaster?

Try meditation

Meditation can be a powerful technique to help you get a clearer perspective on what actually happened and what you can do to solve the crisis. Take some time to relax and teach yourself to look at the crisis from a more objective perspective. Ask yourself if the things are really as bad as they seem, and if the things you are worried about are real, or are just a product of your imagination. And, if the situation is indeed that bad, what can you do to actually solve it?

Don’t turn into a victim

In situations where you don’t seem to find a solution fast, assuming the role of the victim may seem easier than owning up to it and pushing forward. If you constantly complain and don’t do anything to solve things out, you may end up pushing away the people who are trying to help you and making the situation even worse. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed and have a tendency to complain, but the faster you overcome this phase, the faster you can move on to finding solutions that will get you out of the crisis.

Reach out for help

While constantly complaining and turning yourself into a victim is not a productive behavior, accepting you are struggling and reaching out for help is completely normal. Moreover, agreeing that you can not possibly deal with everything on your own is a sign of maturity and it shows you are not overestimating yourself. Contact your friends and family, tell them about your situation and ask them to help you if they can. Make sure you are not passing on the problem to them, though. Come up with a plan and explain to them why their help is so important in these times.

Focus on the bigger picture

It may seem like your whole life is going up in flames, but if your take some time to look at the bigger picture, chances are, most of the time the situation is not as bad as you think. It may be one aspect of your life going downwards, but you have other things to be grateful for. Maybe you just lost your job, but you still have a loving family, you are healthy and you have a lot to look up to. Take some time, relax, and then start looking for a new, better and much more rewarding job.