Is A Gym Membership Really Worth It?

Is A Gym Membership Really Worth It?

Millions of people use gyms or keep fit classes to stay in shape, but do we really need to pay the extra money every month for a gym membership? A large proportion of people regularly use their membership, but many don’t or could benefit from finding alternative methods for keeping fit!

Are you one of those people? Ask yourself the question – Is a gym membership really worth it?

Why Gym?

Every year, there is a trend in the uptake of gym memberships after the New Year. Millions of people set goals to lose weight or to start a new hobby as the old year turns to a fresh one.

To many, the around-the-clock access to a place to exercise is a huge benefit. Many parents love to get away from the children, housework, and many other distractions and focus on time for themselves.

A membership to a local gymnasium can also work out cheaper per-visit than paying to use the gym as you go. Many gyms charge a premium for walk-in customers so, to occasional gym-goers, this may work out cheaper over 12 months than shelling out for single-use gym visits.

What Are The Benefits?

When considering whether a gym membership is worth the money, we need to look at the possible benefits of such a monthly expense:

  • Fitness – There is no doubt having access to a wide variety of trainers and machines can benefit overall fitness.
  • Relaxation – Going to the gym can be seen by many to be a relaxing activity. Lifting weights, running 10K, or attending a spin class can help us unwind from daily stresses.
  • Mental Health – This is a trending campaign across many western cities and societies in 2019. The mental health benefit of regular exercise, as well as attending group classes, cannot be stated enough!

What Are The Alternatives?

We don’t need to pay to exercise! Governments across the world share public health initiatives to encourage people to get active for little or no cost! Examples include:

  • Park Run – This global phenomenon is free to access and requires nothing more than running shoes and to check out where your local event is held!
  • Body Weight Exercises – There are a multitude of free YouTube videos and online articles that show how to use your body as a gym. Check them out!
  • Walk – There is endless research out there that lays out facts stating how a short, brisk walk can help maintain a level of fitness as well as have positive mental health benefits!

Gym memberships will always rise and fall from season-to-season.While some may swear by a gym membership, others prefer to attend cheaper or even free alternatives! When considering whether a gym membership is worth it, assess your own financial and fitness needs before signing up.