Top Destinations You Should Visit if You Love Food

Top Destinations You Should Visit if You Love Food

When you are a foodie, most of your travel revolves around destinations where you can try the most interesting and special dishes. The way a country’s culture is reflected in their meals is something extremely interesting to notice and wherever you go, there is a sure chance you will find a special dish that will make you want to ask for the recipe. But before trying the jellyfish in China and the crickets in Thailand, make sure you check the most classic destinations for any food lover, listed below.

Paris, France

The French are known for their exquisite cuisine. After all, this is where the Michelin guide originated. There are so many interesting foods you can try in France, from their famous croissants, the breakfast Croque Monsieur and Coq au vin.

With any dish you will try, you will taste the sophistication that the French are known for, so make sure you treat yourself with as much as you can eat, and don’t forget to order dessert as well. What better place to enjoy a chocolate soufflé, than in a restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is another top European destination for all the foodies out there. There is really no reason to start listing down all the interesting meals you can eat in Italy, but it is worth talking about what makes those recipes so flavorful. Italians’ cooking secrets lay in the fresh ingredients they always use. Freshly cut basil and tomatoes are present in almost all dishes, accompanied by some olive oil and parmesan.

If you go to Tuscany, make sure that all your meals are accompanied by a glass of wine. The Tuscany wine is world-renowned and appreciated, so you have no excuse for not trying it.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This might not be the first place to cross your mind when thinking about food destinations, but the Danish sure know how to prepare a meal. When you are walking down the colorful streets, make sure to stop for a Rød pølse, a fast food hot dog like no others you’ve tasted before.

If you want something more special, marinated or pickled herring is the thing you should go for. Porridge, also known as Grød by the locals, is another thing you should try. This is not your typical porridge, as the Danish combine it with all sorts of ingredients, such as chestnut puree, apples, almonds or parmesan and cranberries.

Catalunya, Spain

The food in Spain can vary a lot, based on the region you are visiting, but Catalunya is the place with one of the most complex food cultures in the country. Catalonians have the best artichokes ever and they have so many ways of preparing them, from pickles to fried, grilled or marinated.

If you want something more traditional, you can try the Arroz negro con mariscos (black rice with seafood). Nobody makes seafood dishes as the Spanish do and this dish, although a bit similar to paella, really brings out the special taste of the sea.