Top 3 Destinations To Visit In Canada

Top 3 Destinations To Visit In Canada

Canada is a vast country that can cater for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Aside from the main cities, like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, there is much to see and do across North America’s second-largest country.

Read on to see our top 3 destinations to visit in Canada!

The Canadian Rockies

If breath-taking scenery, mountain hikes, and skiing is your idea of a fun holiday, then look no further than the Canadian Rockies. This vast mountain range spans an area from Alberta to British Columbia and has to be seen to be believed.

If you want to climb the high points of Big Beehive or Ha Ling Peak, become an explorer and take on the challenge and hike your way to the heavens.

You can set up base in Banff or Jasper and set out to explore the vast array of nature parks, beautiful lakes, or outdoor activities at your leisure!

Quebec and Quebec City

One unique side of Canada is its blend of English and French-speaking provinces. For a taste of something a little different, make Quebec province and Quebec City a stop on your visit to Canada.

Being one of Canada’s oldest cities, Quebec City has some of the most stunning architecture in all of The Great White North. One of the most popular activities to do is to stroll around Old Quebec. The magnificent turreted buildings are a feast for the eyes and help visitors get a flavor of this amazing city.

Visit Ile d’Orleans and take a step back in time to 18th century rural Quebec. Why not see how those who first set foot in Canada lived! This historical settlement has a multitude of various experiences to bring the rural agricultural life into the 21st century for any tourist.

Niagara Falls

One of the world’s most inspiring site to see has to be Niagara Falls. This stunning waterfall sits right on the US-Canadian border and is an attraction that millions come to see every year from all over the world.

The world-famous Maid of the Mist boat tour allows all visitors to feel The Falls for themselves. For that high-flier experience, visitors can even take a helicopter ride to see the falls from above! The choice is yours!

Within reach of Vancouver, this world-class visitor experience is the perfect add-on to your trip to Canada, whatever time of year!

The Great White North is vast and has so much to see and do, no matter where a tourist looks! Main cities, like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, will usually be a stop on the map for any visitor’s itinerary. Why not take a step outside the box and take in some of Canada’s other beautiful sites and bring home memories that will last a lifetime?