Idyllic South of France Attractions You Should See With Your Loved One

Idyllic South of France Attractions You Should See With Your Loved One

Southern France has numerous places where you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. If you’ve planned your entire summer for France than you’ve chosen right. Filled with natural beauties, beachside villages and mesmerizing little towns, this place creates the right atmosphere for your family’s vacation. You can find everything from world-class museums, dining, art, as well as main historical features like cathedrals and medieval places. Here are some must-see places in the South of France, ideal to share with your other half.


Most popular destinations, located in the South of France on the well-known Cote d’Azur, Nice is the perfect place to be if want to spend hours walking on sunny beaches or visit the Old Town. You could try at least 5 local dishes where you meet and taste the Mediterranean influence. They usually use local ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, fruit vegetables and anchovies. Besides all the cozy surroundings with its sunny beaches, this is one of the places where you could watch The Tour De France, held in July which begins in Monaco but passes through Nice.


The second-most populated city in France, Marseille is the largest economic sprawl for the region. There are plenty of delightful sites and attractions like Old Port of Marseille, Island Fortress and Massif des Calanques are suitable for anyone. In Marseille, you will plenty of artisans crafting in their shops, lovely restaurants with breath-taking views. In Marseille, taking the cruise and returning in the evening is the main activity.


Provence is one of the most attractive places for couples. Everyone should add Provence on their visit list at some point or another. The endless lavender fields of an unforgettable purple and ambience, the huge coastal stretches are simply captivating. Among the most amazing things to see in Provence, you can find everything from precious castles, ancient ruins, breath-taking natural sights. The atmosphere is pretty unique through its local festivities and the well-known lavender fields that offers a cheerful but relaxing ambience.


Hosting one of the biggest events, The Cannes Film Festival, you could see or meet various celebrities wandering on the street. The city is well-known for its nightlife, casinos and luxury dining. This delightful seaside town was once a plain dishing village. Cannes offers attractions and accommodations for all sorts of budget.


Best known for its endless list of culinary specialties, the refreshing vibe of the people and the brilliant architecture make this city unforgettable. You should visit the Place du Capitole, some of the most viewed attraction in Toulouse. You’ll be certainly stunned by its immensity and beautiful architecture. The imprisoning local gastronomy will offer you over 120 specialty dishes. The most famous dish is called cassoulet and means anything cooked with goose or duck. Gaining a few kilos is unavoidable in Toulouse, so be sure you pack some comfy clothes.

Be ready to be amazed by a new variety of foods and drinks, because besides their amazing appetite, the French are also known for the great winery collection. Every place visited in Southern France has its uniqueness not only through its people but also through is a variety of goodies and unforgettable places.