Getting Ready for Your First Long-Haul Flight

Getting Ready for Your First Long-Haul Flight

Traveling is an exciting activity that we have at hand, but when we encounter the 15 hours flight to our destination, we easily get discouraged. Long-haul flights are known to be extremely tiring, especially if you’ve never had one. Dealing with boredom and the sketchy choice of seats are the usual problems you encounter when you plan a trip. It’s an intimidating experience if you’ve never had a flight longer than 6 hours with an airline you’ve never tried and know nothing about. You’ll need to be prepared both physically and mentally to keep a long-haul flying from becoming long-agony and consider a few essentials before booking your next international trip.

Rest well

It’s necessary to be well-rested before having your longest flight. Many people underestimate the power of sleep when it comes long-haul flights. Sleep is how you can make time pass a bit faster and recovers your brain. You could prepare for your nap by bringing those cute neck pillow or earplugs that almost everyone brings. Some airlines, especially those who offer long-haul flights, are well prepared to deal with any inconvenience regarding their passenger’s comfort. So, don’t be shy and ask the flight attendant for an extra pillow or blanket. Also, if you can’ trick your body into sleeping for a few hours, you could try a small dose of melatonin or sleeping pill, enough to stimulate you napping.

Wear something comfortable

If you are to fly for hours it doesn’t mean you can’t wear something cozy and cute at the same time. If possible, bring a cardigan that can be used as a blanket, pack a stretchy pair of leggings and a comfy over-sized sweater. A pair of fluffy socks should not miss from your pack for when you want to get your shoes off and stretch. Keep them on, people won't usually agree with flaunting your bare feet in front of them.

Keep yourself busy

 We all get extremely bored during those long hours of flight. Bringing the essentials with you would save you from a lot of anxiety and boredom. If you love reading the kindle is probably the first thing you’ll pack before getting on a plane. Some say that Kindle is not the same thing as the paper copy, and people won’t get the real feel from it, because it’s not paper. That’s undoubtedly wrong because when dealing with small space in your luggage, kindle is the smartest solutions for long flights and not only. You choose what to do with your time. Bring your laptop and get your work done if possible, listen to those longed planned albums or check what movies you could try.

Health and beauty essentials

 To make sure you stay hydrated all the time, you could bring one of those environmentally friendly collapse water bottles, easy to refill and carry. Once in a while, you can nicely ask the flight attendants to refill it which is less work for them to put off your constant water supply. A primary flight essential when it comes to health is good hand sanitizer, we all know how much germs we’re encountering in contained spaces. The air inside of an aircraft is incredibly dry, so make sure you’ve packed some lip balm and moisturizer.

Long-haul flights could be a piece of cake if you’re packing these essentials. Consider your needs and plan carefully your next flight so you can do it better next time. Keep in mind that you should not let a long-haul flight demotivate you or ruin your travel.