Best Sleeping Bags for All Seasons

Best Sleeping Bags for All Seasons

Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature. To unplug and unwind and alleviate much of the stress modern life can cause. Along with a good quality tent that is robust and durable, while giving you the ventilation you need, another important piece of gear you need is a comfortable sleeping bag.

If you are interested in sleeping under the stars at various points throughout the year, you need a sleeping bag that is either designed for winter camping or 3/all seasons camping. In the following post, to help you find the right one for you, we highlight our choice of the best all seasons sleeping bags.

Our Top Pick – REI Co-Op Magma 15

First in our guide is the incredibly popular Co-Op Magma 15 from REI. This is a offers some high-end features at an affordable price. It is generously sized and comfortable, particularly in the foot and leg area. Its spaciousness does not sacrifice on it having a very fitted style that is important for retaining heat.

When you also take into consideration the fact it consists of high-end insulation in the form of the luxurious 850-fill hydrophobic down, you can enjoy camping, even when the temperature is hitting the 15-degrees Fahrenheit mark. The whole thing is completed by a hood that can be used in conjunction with a hood, water-resistant fabric and reliable zippers.

Although there are even lower priced sleeping bags on the market, none of them deliver the same value for money.

Therm-A-Rest Hyperion 32

It’s true that it may not be suitable for those chillier temperatures closer to 0-degrees Fahrenheit, but if having a lightweight, but comfortable sleeping bag is what you are looking for, the Hyperion 32 might be for you. Designed with backpackers looking for an ultralight sleeping solution on mind, this bag weighs in at just below the one-pound mark. Yet, it’s still able to keep you cozy when temperatures drop to 32-degrees Fahrenheit.

The bag consists of a 900-fill waterproofed down and has a space-saving, but ergonomic design made to follow the contours of the human body. If you like using a sleeping pad, there are connectors incorporated into its structure to hook it up.

Nemo Sonic

Warm sleeping bags are a must when winter sets in. The last thing you want when you’re setting up camp and nodding off for the night is to be kept awake by a chilly body. That’s why we’ve highlighted the Nemo Sonic, made using an 800-fill hydrophobic down and a snug-fitting shape. When you sleep in this, you won’t even notice if the temperature drops past 0-degrees Fahrenheit.

The funny thing is, this sleeping bag is so hot that the manufacturer has designed thermo gills for it that help ventilate it, so you don’t stew while camping in the middle of nowhere.

Camping throughout the year is a great way to observe the various changes the countryside goes through. By choosing one of the sleeping bags above, our favorite being the REI Co-Op Magma 18, you will be able to enjoy the experience in comfort.