5 Reasons to go on Safari to Africa With Your Kids

5 Reasons to go on Safari to Africa With Your Kids

A lot of people are put off taking family holidays to Africa due to worries over how safe it is and because of dangerous diseases like Malaria. However, if you have the opportunity, you should head out there to give your family, and particularly your children a holiday experience they won’t forget.

There are things you need to be cautious about going anywhere and Africa is no different, but the exceptional beauty of the country combined with the sheer majesty of the animals you are likely to come across - whether you see the Big Six or not - make it more than worth the investment.

If you need any further convincing, keep reading as we look at five reasons why you should take your children on a safari in Africa.

1. It’s Unforgettable Seeing Your First Wild Lion or Elephant

As they grow up, children across the world start to have a real fondness for the animals who call Africa home. How many get to see them in the flesh? It’s the visits to the local zoo and films like The Lion King that they use to build upon their experience of magnificent creatures like lions and elephants. Their love and appreciation for these amazing beasts will be elevated with a trip on safari in Africa.

Of course, there will be a lot of wake-up calls before dawn even breaks, the heat and dust and some game drives where you don’t see much at all, but there will also be times when all the hassle is worth it when you see lioness relaxing and elephants striding across the land.

2. There Are Malaria-Free Parts of Africa

To combat and reduce the chance of contracting malaria, aside from giving your children lots of Malarone, making them wear long clothes and lots of insect repellent, you can take them on safari in parts of the continent that are malaria-free.

In South Africa, in Madikwe to the north of Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape, you will find game reserves that are free of the threat of Malaria. There are large areas in Namibia that are free of malaria too.

3. Chance to Connect With Nature

There is a strong reliance in our modern world on smartphones, social media and always being connected. By taking your children on a safari trip to Africa, you are not only ensuring they have a break from their devices, as there is no Wi-Fi they can stay constantly connected through, but it’s the perfect way to give them the opportunity to reconnect with the real, living and breathing world.

Safaris are great places to learn and they are also fun, with a list of boxes to tick as they see different animals, it’s like the ultimate version of I-spy.

4. Chance to Interact and Meet Different Cultures

While on holiday on safari, children, just like you adults, will be exposed to the local people and their cultures. Family is a concept that has rich significance for Zulu, Xhosa, Batwa, Maasi and the many other native groups of people who call Africa home.

5. Accommodation is Great and Completely Family-Friendly

Both accommodation options for Africa Safari holidays are suitable for most families. You can choose between camping and lodging. And they are better kitted out than you might imagine.