What Essential Gear Do You Need for Hiking?

What Essential Gear Do You Need for Hiking?

Hiking is a great way to explore nature and to spend time with your loved ones. If you want to reconnect with yourself, hiking is a delightful way to do it because it’s one of the few activities you’ll find enjoyable to do alone. Whether you are travelling across the globe, or you are exploring a local path, hiking will bring you great satisfaction.

But if you are a rookie you may have no idea what you need to bring when you have your first hiking trip. To understand what things you need to bring, you should decide how far you want to go, if it’s a remote location and what the weather forecast is. The more remote the area is the more things you’ll need. If you have a one-day hike you’ll need only some food, water and protective gear.

This article will help you to better understand what items are essential and what should you wear for hiking.


The first thing you need to buy is a backpack because it holds all your other stuff. It’s recommended to use one that holds 11-20 litres if you plan a day trip, and a larger one if you plan to spend the night away from home. Ensure your clothes, water, food and gear fit in the backpack because you need your hands free while hiking.

Footwear and clothing

Your shoes and clothing items will protect you while hiking, so it’s advisable to wear protective gear.

  • Before choosing your attire, you need to check the weather forecast to dress for the conditions you’ll experience. Always pack some extra clothes to be prepared for changing weather or an unplanned night in the wilds. When you choose your clothes, you need to check how much protection they provide against ultraviolet rays.
  • The type of terrain will determine the type of footwear you’ll wear. If the trail is gentle with your feet then you can choose trail runners or hiking shoes. But if you plan to explore a rocky trail you should choose boots that provide extra support.
  • And we should not forget about the socks because even if they are a small item you wear under your shoes, they can influence your comfort. You should get a pair of technical socks to prevent rubs and to keep your feet warm. You should purchase from a sports gear shop a pair of hiking socks that include technology that enhances support and allows your feet to breathe.

Hiking poles

If you are a beginner hiker then you should ensure you use a pair of hiking poles for your first trips. Sometimes a walking pole makes the difference between finishing the route and turning back before reaching its end. You decide if you want to use one or two poles, but beginners usually use two to take the pressure and weight from certain areas when they are hiking on tough terrain.

Here are the most essential items you need if you plan a hiking trip.