Most Popular Extreme Sports: Which One is for You?

Most Popular Extreme Sports: Which One is for You?

Extreme sports aren’t’ for just anyone, but if you love the rush you experience when doing something adventurous, perhaps developing a hobby out of action sport is something you’d actually enjoy.

There are many popular sports that are considered extreme rather than traditional, and the reason for that is the higher level of risk involved. But which are exactly the most popular options here? What should you consider trying for yourself?

BMX racing

Being here for quite some time, BMX racing seems to be getting more popular with each passing year. Originating for motocross racing, this extreme sport was introduced in the ‘70s and still shares quite a few similarities with what it used to look like then.

Off-road tracks are purpose-build with different, uneven terrain for BMX racing and that is why it’s considered a dangerous sport. This cycle sport became part of the Olympics in 2008 in Beijing and it’s widely practiced by people between the ages of 19 and 40.

Ice climbing

Rock climbing might seem adventurous enough, but for those who want to take the term “extreme” one level further, ice climbing was born. What this type of activity actually involves is the roped scaling of ice formations, such as frozen waterfalls, cliffs, or ice-covered rock slabs. Rock climbers who needed to navigate icy areas of rock were the ones to create out of ice climbing a sport in itself. You now have a variety of specialized tools available that allow you to experience this extreme sport by the book.

Mountain biking

A combination of regular biking and BMX riding, mountain biking involves riding on unpaved or off-road grounds, usually in mountainous areas. Due to the resistant and uneven terrain, this activity is both more physically-challenging and dangerous than regular biking. This is an easier sport to get started with, allowing you to choose your own places to ride, easier-to-tame terrain in the beginning, and more challenging roads once you get a bit of experience.


Not as extreme as rock climbing, but increasing in difficulty depending on the slopes you choose, snowboarding is one of the most popular adventurous sports worldwide. Being so fun and addictive, it’s understandable why so many switch from skiing to snowboarding. It does take a bit of practice to get the hang of, but it’s definitely one of the options you can easily learn.


A list of extreme sports wouldn’t be complete without skydiving being mentioned, because what’s more adrenaline-pumping than jumping out of a plane thousands of feet off the ground? You’ll need free-falling skills and knowledge on parachuting techniques to get into this sport.

Also called action sports or adventurous sport, all of the options highlighted above involve high levels of physical exertion and should be done using specialized gear solely. If you’ve always been the adventurous type and you love experiencing adrenaline rushes, each one of these extreme sports will probably present an interest. However, you should pick the ones you can actually see yourself doing and have the skills for.