Coolest Extreme Sports to Try in 2020

Coolest Extreme Sports to Try in 2020

If you’ve never pressed yourself to try an extreme sport, 2020 just might be your year. We’ve listed here three of the wildest and craziest sports out there for you to experience along with what they involve and where one of the best places for each are located. Try not to get too excited while you are looking over these.

Volcano Boarding

The info: This insane and dangerous sport was first created by a traveler from Australia in Leon, Nicaragua. Volcano boarding involves zipping down the side of a volcano that is active on a plywood toboggan. In order to steer and brake all you have is your heels, but it is possible to reach speeds up to 56 miles per hour. Of course, that is, once you’ve hiked your way up to the top.

The destination: It goes without saying that the original spot of this sport would be one of your top choices to visit and volcano board. Both Austin Adventures out of the U.S., and Leon’s own Big Foot Hostel run their own trips to the Cerro Negro active volcano.

Freshwater Cave Diving

The info: Many folks find scuba diving in the ocean to be extreme enough for them, but others need more excitement, and dropping with gear on into a deep hole into the earth in a cave that is submerged is out of this world.

The destination: There is nowhere deeper and more interesting to find a concentration of underwater sinkholes called cenotes than the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, thanks to a certain large visitor from space a few million years ago. This area is surrounded by beautiful jungle scenery, and luscious crystal-clear pools that are of a mesmerizing turquoise hue. This location is idyllic for your first cave dive.

Downhill Mountain Biking

The info: Although this extreme sport has been around for a few decades, it is still one of the most popular and certainly a great trip to plan in 2020. With the use of bicycles that are made with full suspension, you can easily float over tree roots and rocks.

The destination: Hitting the trails of Bolivia’s “Death Road” is at the top of the nation’s backpacking activities. If you want somewhere considered a bit safer, why not try out Whistler’s mountainous bike park, located in Canada, where the ski trails become super biking trails in the summer.

If you’re an extreme sportsman, you know you’ve got to try these places out in order to say you’ve done it at the highest level, but don’t forget to bring some friends or family members with you to enjoy the fun. If you’re one of those people who have never taken that big chance to do something new and different, we promise these three extreme sports are just the right ones to break the barrier.