Best Locations For Hiking in Winter

Best Locations For Hiking in Winter

While some think hiking is an activity you do only during the hot season, many people choose winter. If you are one of them, then you should put together a list of possible destinations because many people expect you to explore them when they look like a winter wonderland.

Costa Blanca, Spain

Costa Blanca is the perfect destination for the ones who want to explore castle ruins under the shining sun of the winter. Once you arrive there, you’ll find difficult to decide what path to follow because on one side rocky groves are calling you, and on the other olive groves look charming. In the Valencian peninsula, you’ll enjoy one of the mildest winters in Europe because the sun shines six hours a day, on average. The higher you’ll climb, the more wonderful the views will look.

Stockholm, Sweden

Do you want to explore a frozen place this winter? Then Sweden should be your destination because it’s home to marvellous frozen waterways and parks. Before exploring the surroundings, you should ask the specialists from the tourist office what the safest hiking path is because their complexity varies according to the weather and time of the year. While in Sweden you should also check the Tyresta National Park.

Corfu, Greece

Even if Greece is famous for its seaside, it has an extensive network of trails you can explore if you want to get away from the sea coast and wander the inland. Winter is one of the best times of the year to explore the hiking paths of Greece even if you need to put on some layers of clothes. If you are a seasoned hiker, Greece has some challenging paths that wait for curious tourists to discover them. Along the coastal routes, you can find many accommodation facilities and guided walks that will help you discover another side of Greece.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira region is famous worldwide for its wine, flora, fauna, and UNESCO protected subtropical Laurel Forest. Portugal is located close to the ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and it has a mild climate the entire year. This makes Madeira the ideal destination for hikers. You should start your trip at Funchal because it’s natural beauty will uncover one of Portugal’s beauties. Madeira is the place where you can discover some of the most fascinating colonial areas, a breath-taking coastal scenery, and a lush interior. Vereda do Areeiro is the best place to hike in Portugal because it links Madeira’s highest peaks.


Iceland has one of the most complex networks of winter walking routes. You probably know this route under the name of the Golden Circle. If you want to spend your entire vacation exploring a new path, Iceland is perfect because every tour implies several hours of walking. And where do you count that you have the opportunity to view the northern lights during winter nights?

Here are the best locations for hiking in winter, so make sure to include them on your list.