How to Unlock The Job of Your Dreams

How to Unlock The Job of Your Dreams

Not everyone is happy in their present job or arrived yet at what they’d call a dream job. While this might not be a how-to secret to working in Fortune 500 companies, we intend to help you focus your efforts in the hunt for the job of your dreams. In the process, you should be able to have a clear picture of what you conceive to be a dream job and go for it.

Which company do you dream working for?

Think of the company, organization or business you’ve always wanted to work for. It doesn’t have to be within your geographical area or in your state or country. Move your mind beyond small things like job posts in a job portal. You might also limit yourself from choosing a specific company because they’ve interviewed you before. Consider this irrelevant and include the company if you dream of working there.

You don’t need to have the longest possible list per se or carry out extensive, time-consuming research to create the list. You also don’t have to include a company just for the sake of it; omitting one that you’d have no problem working for is still fine.

Where in the world would you love to work?

This doesn’t have to be a country, state, city or town although it can also be any of these. Maybe there are places around your country you’d never consider working in. Essentially, it boils down to those places where you’re ready to not only work, but also live. However, it all begins with the decision that you’ve no problem living there.

For instance, you might not have a lot of interest living outside California currently although you’ve no problem working in New York, Chicago, London, Berlin or Stockholm. California is where you may be right at this moment and where you’d like to live and work for the time being.

Consider where in the world you’d like to live and work really carefully; it could boost or limit your employment opportunities and options.

Come up with the traits of your dream employment

This is a very important part of unlocking your dream job. You need to come up with a list of the traits of that dream employment, all the characteristics you might have irrespective of high grand they might be. It’s all about putting down all the thoughts in your head and may have never shared with anyone or spoken about. By writing the traits down each of them will be easily defined and very clear.

They could be:

  • Some elements of a past or present job
  • Professional goals or skills you aim to develop
  • An area of an organization’s culture you’re passionate about
  • Where you’d love to work in (stable or big company or a startup)
  • The organization/business’s industry and line of trade
  • Company’s attitude towards career growth
  • Whether they allow employees to work remotely
  • Policy towards pets at work, among others

Just write clearly what comes into mind about your dream place of work without worrying much about what anyone would think about them. It’s your life and that’s all that matters.

Make up your mind on deal breakers

Look at your list clearly and all the characteristics relating to your dream job. Keep reading them constantly and note those points that you cannot take any job unless they’re met. These deal makers are important to identify. Deal makers are quite important because they’ll come in handy when applying or researching for a job, including the job interview process. It helps filter so much as you find more opportunities and apply for a job that satisfies you and leaves you happy.

Networking and research

Once your traits and deal makers are set and you’re clear about what you will be looking for, it’s time to get into the thick of things. This is where you get your networking geared up. Get busy and search for all those companies where you will be making applications. Use location and the company’s area of specialization to find them and go to their website to see if they’re worth working for and fit your deal makers.

If you want to work in IT companies for instance, a simple search online for IT companies will give a host of them to look into. Once you’ve a company that looks like a good fit check their traits and if they tick the right boxes on your bare minimums.