Here’s How You Can Find a New Hobby if You’re Feeling Uninspired

Here’s How You Can Find a New Hobby if You’re Feeling Uninspired

Having a hobby that fills your heart with joy (like planting flowers, climbing a mountain or scuba diving) brings you countless benefits from an increased sense of purpose to less stress. Your hobbies impact your quality of life and work performance because they free your mind from stress and allow you to focus on the things you are enthusiastic about.

Having a hobby, you are passionate about can improve both your personal and professional life. But what if you have no idea what hobby you should choose?

This article will point you in the right direction.

Everything you enjoy can become a hobby

You don’t call the things you enjoy doing hobbies, but they entertain you and chances are they can become hobbies. What do you like to do? Do you like swimming? Then explore various water activities that can be turned into hobbies. Try surfing, scuba diving, canoeing, kitesurfing and even water aerobics.

Are you passionate about stand-up shows? Then you should consider taking improv or acting classes, you may discover you have a hidden talent that can transform you into a star.

There’s no simpler way to find out what your hobby is than exploring your passions.

Try new things

You may think you would like to dance tango, but until you try it, you don’t know for sure. Don’t panic! You need to dance tango to understand if it can become a hobby. Make a list with things you find interesting and try them all. If you find you like one, two or even three of them, pursue them until you understand if they are only things you enjoy doing from time to time or they can turn into hobbies.

Join a volunteering organisation, you may not love to travel but you may find interesting to save animals. Connect with people who share similar interests and you may discover something new.

What were your childhood interests?

Do you remember what you liked to do when you were a teenager? But when you were a kid? Did you watch TV for hours? Did you play tennis with your friends in the back of the house? Did you love getting lost in the woods? All these activities can turn into a hobby if you try them as an adult.

If you were the child who constantly left the house to discover a new place, hiking may be something you would love to do. Join a local hiking club and see if you still find it interesting.

Asses your preferences

Only because your friends love reading comic books, it doesn’t mean you have the same hobby. Your hobbies should appeal to your strengths, personality characteristics, and interests.

Some of your personality assessments can point out to the hobbies you may find interesting. You should take the Myers-Briggs assessment to find out if you are an ENFJ.