Fun Party Ideas for Your Teenage Children

Fun Party Ideas for Your Teenage Children

If you have suggested you want to throw a party for your teenage children and their friends, were you met with a look of shock and horror from the children in question? This is a common reaction from kids as they get older and don’t believe their parents are “with it” anymore, if they ever were. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want you to throw them a party, they are just trying to be all grown up.

What can you do to make sure the next party you throw for them is a roaring success?

Pool Parties

If you or one of the parents of your children’s friends own a pool, this is the perfect setting for a great party. It’s basically a no-brainer. However, if you just make the pool the party and not just a part of it, it could get boring very quickly. Some great ideas to transform what is essentially just kids in and around a pool include:

Giving It a Theme

Choose a theme that you know will appeal to your children’s and their group of friend’s tastes. If they are old enough, you could even consider making it a more grown-up tiki-style party. Think about who will be attending and use that as a basis for formulating a theme.

Create Customized and Unique Invitations that Help Elevate It

Rather than sending plain and very boring paper invitations, or even worse – e-invites – why not do something a little different. Maybe send out invites with a free pair of sunglasses or deflated beach balls or pool inflatables with the party details and any instructions written clearly on it in a marker pen.

Extend the Theme

It’s not enough just to set the party in and around a pool and to decorate it appropriately. You need to incorporate the theme you set into everything related to the party. Pool games are perfect for the example of a pool party. Whether it’s ‘minute to win it’ style games where guests need to complete almost-impossible tasks in just a minute or aquatic-based sports and other challenges.

Choose the Right Games

Whether you are having a pool party for your teens and their friends or not, you need to think of games. Although we set out some ideas above with the example of a pool party, there are other great options, that can be adapted to fit in with whatever theme you decide on.

Without Words Communication Games

These are a lot of fun and involve the party guests from trying to communicate using anything but their mouths and speech.

Complete the Song

Is your teen and their friends are music lovers, and let’s face it, what young people aren’t these days? If so, you could play a game of Complete The Song, where you have a selection of lyrics to famous songs written out on pieces of paper and placed in a bowl. With one twist, key words are missing. Then each player takes it in turn to try and remember the words.

You could combine it with a karaoke system for lively fun.

The above are just a few suggestions, even if you don’t choose any of them, they will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.