Could This Be Why You're Still Single?

Could This Be Why You're Still Single?

Often, conversations about a person’s love life can be awkward. Therefore, the best advice is to prepare yourselves and know immediately what to say when someone asks if you're single. Some people are not overly interested in commitment or long-term relationships, and this is absolutely okay!

In terms of dating and relationships, we pilot our lives to the degree that relationships do not define us. We are responsible for the circumstances, still, not all situations are under our control and we choose not to date. With that said, there are all kinds of reasons why you're not dating. Let's take a look at a few of them so you’ll know what to say when a girl or when a guy asks why you're single.

1. You're Still Single Cause You’re Too Busy!

If you're successful or training to be, you're probably busy. Relationships take time and energy. What good is it to be in a relationship if you're not going to be in the relationship? Besides, your partner will soon get tired of being alone and will dump you anyway. Until you get to where you're going, avoid misleading anyone into thinking you want a relationship. Although you're still single, you're obviously married to your career right now.

2. Afraid of Getting Close

You say you want to find a lover, but you really don't. You sometimes have a hard time knowing what you want. In other words, you pull out when someone seems to like you too much too soon as if you're not worthy. If not that then you make it impossible for them to like you or want to date you. It bothers you when people get close to you. This is self-sabotage at its best. Until you get out of your own way, relationships will be difficult for you.

3. Talk a Good Game

Yeah, you say you want to meet someone, but you never leave the house. To meet the right person, you must get out and socialize. Let the world know you exist. The chances of your future partner showing up at your doorstep are slim to none. Don't be ashamed to join a singles website. Millions have done it and with much success. You can be their next featured couple, so take the bull by the horn and send a wink.

4. The Guarded Person

Being in a vulnerable position, it's real easy to make bad choices. One of the things women are notorious for is trying to change men or to “fix” men who are emotionally unavailable. However, when it doesn't work out, we put the blame on them. This is how we set ourselves up for disappointment without realizing it. What's more, is we repeat this scenario and it becomes a self-destructive pattern.

5. Still Single and Maintaining Independence

Until you're married, you're still single. There's no arguing this unless you've been cohabiting so long, the law says otherwise. Until then, you're allowed to have your own place, bank account, and whatever it is that makes you independent. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, but when it interferes with the relationship, you may want to reevaluate your goals.

6. Lacking Self-Confidence

Over time, everything changes about ourselves. Either it's because we did nothing or because we did something to cause it. This change includes how we see or feel about ourselves, but more to the point, how we view our bodies. It doesn't matter much the form, it's how confident we are in wearing it. When we're not comfortable with ourselves, it shows in the way we walk, talk, think, and behave.

The phrase “If you don't love you, nobody will” is not just a cliché, it's the truth. If we want love, we must redirect the way we feel about ourselves. Then we will attract the right people so we can enjoy healthy relationships.

7. Stuck in a Rut

Breakups generally hurt and it takes time to heal. It's true, you can't give your heart to someone new when you're still grieving over the last relationship. It's not fair to the other person. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you or that person, but if the timing isn’t right, don’t force it. But let's face it, you’re still single because you've gotten complacent in your break from relationships.