Additional Language Learning - Hints and Tips

Additional Language Learning - Hints and Tips

If you’ve always wanted to learn another language, there’s no time like the present to try. New research has shown that adults can learn just as well as children if they’re willing to embrace the experience and drop their inhibitions.

There are some hints and tips that can make learning an addition language much easier; here are a few ideas from the experts.

Listen to the Language

One of the most common mistakes that learners make is assuming that there’s no point listening to the language if they don’t understand it. While you might not be able to pick apart the content, there are other benefits to listening to the language you’re trying to learn.

When you start out, the overall sounds of the new language often sound very alien and there may be particular sounds which don’t exist in your native language. Listening to the language right from the very start will help your brain get used to how it’s supposed to sound, and subconsciously it will assist you when you’re trying to form the words.

Embrace your Mistakes

When you are learning a new language you will make mistakes and there will be times when you’re not sure how to say the words you want. Figuring it out and having a go are part and parcel of learning a new language and there’s no shame in getting things wrong.

Let go of your inhibitions and be willing to give it a try; this is a great way to learn and you’ll end up more fluent than if you hang back as you’re too afraid.

Practice in Different Ways

There are lots of ways to learn a language and you may have homework to complete, such as learning new vocabulary. However, elevate your language skills to the new level by taking the time to practice in different ways.

Some things you can try in your new language include:

  • Write emails to yourself
  • Find a radio station to listen to
  • Watch shows and movies on TV (with or without subtitles)
  • Practice with shopkeepers or neighbors

Another handy tip is to try thinking in your new language! This isn’t something that most people try but converting your thoughts to your new language is the ultimate way to embed it.

Find an App

There are many ways to learn a new language but whichever way you’ve chosen, you can give yourself a helping hand by turning to technology. There are many apps which can help with either your acquisition of vocabulary or by offering games to try out your new skills.

Online chat rooms can also be very beneficial too, whether it’s to practice the language or to get help and support. In today’s world, there’s no need to feel like you’re studying alone when there are lots of other people you can connect to.

Enjoy the Experience

Learning a new language is something to be embraced and in a world which is increasingly moving to borderless transactions, it’s a skill that’s useful on many levels. These hints and tips won’t replace hard work but will help you to gradually assemble a good working vocabulary to become more confidence in your new language.