7 Awesome Hacks For Cleaning Your Home

7 Awesome Hacks For Cleaning Your Home

Doing the household chores is never much fun, so finding ways to get them done even more quickly is the best way to make sure that your home stays clean and tidy without encroaching too much on your life. That’s where these seven amazing cleaning hacks come in. We’re bringing you these expert tips to make it easier than you ever imagined to get your home sparkling.

1. Use Your Vacuum To Its Best Advantage

You don’t need to keep your vacuum cleaner just for cleaning your carpets. Yes, it’s perfect for getting your rugs and flooring spotless and dust-free, but if you have attachments to accompany your model you can put it to a host of different uses. You can use it to clean your curtains and upholstery and even to clean out your cabinets. The brush attachment is great for picking up crumbs and dust inside your kitchen cabinets without the need for sponging or sweeping.

2. Get More Use From Your Dishwasher

Another household appliance that you can put to multiple uses is your dishwasher. When you aren’t using it to wash your family’s tableware, you can use it for cleaning glass light fixtures. Dome lights can simply be run through a dishwasher cycle to get them spotless and dry in no time and with zero effort.

3. Think Laterally When Dusting

When you’re dusting higher surfaces, there’s a good chance that all the dust and grime that you remove will fall on the furniture or the floor, giving you even more jobs to do afterwards. Think laterally, and you’ll find you minimize your chores. One example is to put a pillowcase over the blades of your ceiling fan and use it to wipe the blade. The dust you remove will fall down into the pillowcase instead of onto the floor or your upholstery.

4. Speed Up The Cleaning Of Your Blinds

It’s quicker and easier to clean both sides of your blind slats simultaneously. You can do this by putting an old, worn out sock over your hand, spritzing it with a little warm water then grabbing each blind panel and sliding your hand along the slat. It’ll save you time and effort.

5. Clean Your Popcorn Ceiling With A Paint Roller

If you’ve got a popcorn-style ceiling, you’ll know just how difficult it is to clean without pieces of your ceiling falling down. A damp paint roller with a high nap is the perfect way to pick up cobwebs and dust without damaging the ceiling like sweeping it would.

6. Use Baby Wipes On Your Fabrics

If you spot stains on your upholstery, baby wipes are a brilliant way to remove them without causing any damage. Since they don’t contain a lot of moisture, they won’t soak your furniture and the cleaning agents are gentle. As an added bonus, they also allow the furniture to dry quickly. There’s no quicker way to get rid of those tricky food marks on your sofa. It even works on problem stains like red wine!

7. Effortless Remove Hard Water Stains

A quick and easy way to get rid of hard water stains is to soak a paper towel in white vinegar, apply to the affected area and leave to soak overnight. In the morning, you’ll simply need to rub a little and rinse away – the stains will be gone!

Follow these seven top tips and your home will be cleaner and tidier than ever before, with minimal, effort from you!