The Best Wireless Credit Card Readers For Businesses

The Best Wireless Credit Card Readers For Businesses

More people than ever before go out with no cash in their pocket, so it’s important for businesses to be prepared. Mobile credit card readers are proving to be the answer and are the ultimate solution to ensure that companies won’t lose out if customers only carry a credit or debit card.

From the smallest business to the biggest company, it’s important to choose the right technology to stay competitive, so here is your guide to the best mobile credit card readers for your organization.


Square is one of the top card reader choices thanks to its simple and low fees, its user-friendly reader and speedy funding. It’s a particularly good option for small organizations looking for an affordable, simple and quick way to accept card payments anywhere at any time. Square sends companies a free swipe card reader as well as free access to the Square mPOS app.

Although the fees may not be the cheapest, they’re certainly easy to understand with a flat fee of 2.75% on all swiped card transactions without any additional subscription or transaction fees. All types of card, including AMEX are accepted and the app can work on all types of mobile device. Square deposits funds within 1-2 working days, and with plenty of encryption and high-end security protection, you can rely on this provider.


The Shopify platform is a popular choice for small business owners since it offers an effective online and in-person payment solution. With an online store, mobile app and on-the-go card readers, it’s possible to sell products then process payment in any location.

The service begins at a low monthly rate for a basic plan and this includes support with shipping labels, two user access and a free card reader. There are other plans available to suit more advanced needs and these often have lower fees. The app and card reader work with both iOS and Android devices and all of the best known cards are accepted.


If you’re looking for a really cheap option, PayAnywhere is the best choice thanks to its next day funding and low fees. Business owners can benefit from a free card reader with no monthly fee and just a 2.69% charge per transaction when they opt for the basic package.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to the Storefront subscription for even lower transaction costs per swipe. You’ll also benefit from extras like an EMV enabled stand, a cash drawer, tablet touchscreen terminal and a receipt printer. The app also includes inventory management, personalized receipts, online resources, multilingual support and customer purchase reports with no extra fees attached.


GoPayment enables business owners to accept then track any type of payment including cash, checks and PayPal via its mobile app. GoPayment is the top card reader for any business which already uses QuickBooks sales and accounting software.

There are two options to pick from, one without a subscription or monthly fee but a charge of 2.4% plus 0.25 cents per transaction swipe. The other is a monthly subscription option which reduces transaction costs. Deposits are received within 2-4 working days.

Choose one of these options and your business can stay competitive, accepting card payments from customers at any time and in any place.