eCommerce Shopping Habits Unveiled

eCommerce Shopping Habits Unveiled

The retail world is slowly but surely moving more and more into an online environment and whether you have a physical store or an eCommerce site, you need to appreciate the changes in consumer habits and loyalty to better target modern buyers. In the following post we look at some of the most important eCommerce shopping habits.

People are Using Various Channels and Devices to Shop

Having an eCommerce business nowadays that is successful involves more than just making sure you target desktop and laptop computer owners. People are now using various channels and devices to purchase what they want, using their cell phones to search for items and then completing their purchases with their computer or even their tablet.

This means you need to make sure your online store is not just optimized for laptops and desktops, but all manner of devices, including tablets and the most compact smartphones.

Customers are Savvier Than Ever Before

The rise in cell phones and various popular apps have made searching for products using handheld devices much easier and quicker. Because of easier access, consumers are looking around before they buy more than ever before. Even when some are loyal to a particular store, they won’t avoid going elsewhere if they think they can get a better deal.

Consumers Now Expect More Personalized Shopping Experiences

The numerous channels and devices that are now available and used means that the customer experience for individuals can be more customized. When you collect data about the preferences of customers, their shopping habits and use purchase data from the past their experiences can be better customized and tailored specifically for them. It can help instill a measure of brand loyalty, which as noted above, is less important to a lot of buyers who are simply looking for the best deals.

Recommendations and Word of Mouth are Still Potent

We live in a time when social media networks offer consumers the platforms to share their shopping likes, dislikes, recommendations and experiences. This is why it’s important for eCommerce store owners to have clearly set out strategies with regards to their social media. Store owners can use word of mouth and its potency to their advantage to expand their customer base and reduce the amount they spend on marketing by offering consumers a great experience and satisfaction.

Privacy is Important

Consumers are becoming savvier with regard to the sensitivity of their data in the online environment. It is crucial to take customers’ feelings and thoughts on privacy seriously. Sure, as we’ve noted above, data collecting about your customers can help make an eCommerce store more successful. However, it is important that you take the responsibility of having access to this information seriously, whether it’s their geographical location, their likes, dislikes or simply their email addresses.

Consumers are well aware nowadays that companies in the past have sold email addresses to other marketing companies and retailing organizations and will use their feet/mice to choose someone else, more trustworthy if they suspect your store is doing that.

Use this information to your business’s advantage!