Best Ways to Sell Your Home Online

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Online

Once upon a time, when you wanted or needed to sell your house, you would always turn to a real estate agent. Using an agent can still have its benefits, but they will surely take a good cut out of the price that is finally matched in the closing papers. If you are savvy online, and really good with finances and understanding the selling process, which you can learn online anytime, then possibly using one of these popular home-selling sites is the right path to take.


This website is useful for everyone involved in the housing market. Whether you are looking to buy, rent, or sell your home, simple listings can be found here. If you’re a seller, for just $39 a month, you can list your home and add as many pictures as you want to, then just click a couple of buttons to share away on social media sites.

You also have the option to get priority sorting ahead of other basic properties, with the ability for a buyer or renter to reach you by email or call the number your list. HomeFinder has an app on both iOS and Android.


Believe it, or not, this popular selling site is perfect for many people selling or renting their homes. Craigslist still received 50 billion views a month and will probably get your property in front of more shoppers than any other site.

If you already have an account, it’s very easy to get your home advertised quickly. Just click the “housing offered” button and give your ad a super headline that grabs attention, upload clear photos of each room and the outside of your home, and add a well-written description of all the plusses or additions that will give your ad that extra special kick and attractiveness. Craigslist is also found on Android and iOS.


No, we aren’t kidding. Facebook has become a highly driven advertising platform with targeting and algorithms if used properly can sell your home quicker than any other place online. Feel free to find a knowledgeable agent who is familiar with SEO when it comes to listing properties on Facebook.

Unless you are already familiar with how selling on the famous social media site, you will want someone who understands the use of creative videos, images, and ad posts that can be text forwarded. Facebook’s ability to target the right shoppers will place your home’s ad in front of those who are relevant and allows you to include links to your realtor or to funnel buyers right to yourself.

There are many websites for selling your home on the internet and choosing one can be overwhelming. These three sites are very good and known for quick sells, and easy meetings with just the right people, but don’t let that keep you from doing your own search for the best places to sell your home yourself.