The Best 5 Instagram Meme Pages You Should Follow Right Now

The Best 5 Instagram Meme Pages You Should Follow Right Now

It is without a doubt that memes have become part of everyone’s daily dose of humor, and Instagram happens to be one of the best places for them to reach a large number of people. Memes are easy to share, catchy and great conversation starters, plus they often help keep you updated with the latest news. If you are on the looks for new Instagram meme pages to follow, make sure to add the following 5 on your list.


With 16.8 million followers, @epicfunnypage is an extremely popular Instagram account that shares meme videos. The owner posts around 10 times a day, keeping followers updated with the latest, funniest content. The page is set on private, so in order to view the content, you will need to hit follow and wait for them to accept the request. The page has, at this moment, over 2,600 posts and their description simply says “Just follow us because your friend does”. Pretty convincing, right?


This is a real example of a successful story, as the page has 14.4 million followers at the moment. It was created in 2012 and since then, they have more than 4,800 posts featuring funny images that usually target millennials. The memes are often referring to pop culture and news and are often submitted by followers. Since its release, the page has grown to form Jerry Media, who collaborates with brands for content. The owners behind the account have even created a board game, called What Do You Meme.


Another private account, @sarcasm_only encourages people to follow before it becomes “hot and famous”, and the strategy seems to be working, as the account now has 14 million subscribers. The meme page addresses more to the female audience, posting content about things that seem to happen to women on a daily basis. The fans are constantly sharing content that they screenshot from the account, with some of them even doing so on other platforms, such as Facebook or Pinterest.


The people behind @funymemes couldn’t be much clear when they named the account. It gives you exactly what it advertises, by declaring themselves “Your everyday meme dealer.” Once more, the account is private, but has managed to reach 7,2 million followers with under 500 posts so far. The page posts various kinds of memes, appealing to a broader audience and featuring different types of content.


Since its first post in 2014, the account founded by the Canadian Daquan Geneses managed to get 13 million followers. The memes he posts are usually directed towards Millennials and feature movies, famous TV shows, pop culture and celebrities. The page has proclaimed itself as the page with the “funniest content from across the web”, but it is only up to you to decide if they are right. Daquan posts most of the content, a fact proven by how certain memes reflect some of the changes in his life, such as moving from Canada to New York.