How to Make a Running Routine More Interesting

How to Make a Running Routine More Interesting

It’s a very high chance that you’re someone who has a running route which is quite boring. When this happens, you need to make sure that you change it up and make it more exciting, otherwise you lose interest and thus motivation to keep running. However, a lot of people might not know how to do this, and they could do with some extra help. What we are going to do is take a look at some of the different ways that you can mix up a running routine and make it more interesting for everyone.

Go With a Friend

If you’re trying to find a way to mix up your running routine, it can sometimes be a good idea to go with a friend. A friend is someone who can come with you and keep you entertained, provide a fresh pace and a new experience. A lot of people exercise with friends because it’s much easier to keep motivated when there is someone else. Plus you can push each other in friendly ways.

Try a Different Route

When a lot of people go running, they decide the best way forward is to have a preset route. This means that they can plan out the time it takes them to run more accurately, they know how much distance they’re covering, and it means that they also know how they can get back to civilisation quickly in the event of an emergency. However, sometimes the best way to mix up your running routine is to go somewhere different.

Try and find a completely different place to explore. Look for those routes which you haven’t visited before, but are still in your area. A change of scenery and a change of pace can be exactly what you need to make your running routine seem fresh and vibrant again.

Change up Rest Days

To keep to a particular routine, a lot of people have preset rest days in which they take time to rest and recover from their exercise. If you’re someone who does this, you might want to think about changing your rest day to a different day. It gives you the potential time that you need to relax and also breaks up the routine a bit. Nobody wants to feel like that exercise regime has become monotonous and old, so it’s important to try and focus on the positives.

So to summarise, a lot of people feel like the best way to stay in shape is to work with people. They are probably right in this respect. However, it’s also got a lot to do with adding some variety to your workout and trying to get the most from a perspective of scenery. You need to see different things to enjoy yourself and that’s something which we can not emphasise enough. What we suggest is that you take the time to appreciate and enjoy as much as you can, but remember to take rest days.