Easy Work Outs to Help You Keep Fit While Holidaying or Traveling The World

Easy Work Outs to Help You Keep Fit While Holidaying or Traveling The World

When it comes to traveling the world and taking a vacation somewhere far from home we just feel like leaving everything behind. Even so, while you can forget your responsibilities for a few weeks or months, ensuring your health remains in order and that you don’t add unnecessary weight is most important. One way of doing this is keeping fit while on the move.

It’s important to have a list or quick knowledge of those work outs you can carry out even when traveling and on holiday. Here are a number of ways to keep fit while vacationing or travelling locally or abroad.

Make the most of the beach

If you’re traveling to the other part of the world for some much needed sun, especially during the winter make the most of the beach. Carry out some intense workout as much as you can on the sand. You can run, sprint or play beach soccer or volleyball with other revelers and locals or dash alone around. If you’ve no problem adding some strength training to your beach workouts or want something else you can jog and jump rope, do some pushups, jump squats and do some intense plank twists. These will add some fun to an already fun time on holiday and keeps you fit, healthy and ready for any eventuality.

Interval training

At times you might not have a lot of space to work out before hitting the shower and getting outdoors to enjoy your vacation visiting sites and seeing historical places. However, interval training is perfect exercise in such circumstances. Most of them are really short, anything between 4-5 minutes. It combines a few exercises that you’ve to engage in within those few minutes and in intervals with bursts of speed and energy. You can sprint around your hotel room, pushup on the floor, try triceps dips, skip imaginary rope or try out lunge jumps. Reap benefits of these by carrying them in the highest possible intensity and giving them all you can for those 4-5 minutes every time.

Carry lightweight gear

Again your hotel room is a perfect place to keep fit while traveling if you’ve no other place to go and get fit. While packing for your vacation, remember light workout gear such as resistance bands. They’re so lightweight and easy to carry around you can actually fit them in a handbag or pocket. Simple exercises will be delightful and possible with the bands. It can also be fixed just about anywhere in the hotel, from the lone chair in the room, table leg to the door frame. These lightweight workout bands also add that extra intensity you need to reap most benefits every time. The exercise routine doesn’t have to be complicated. You can go for air bikes, bicep curls, chest fly, shoulder presses and pushups.

At the same time, you can carry out squats using your body weight, including stationary lunges a few times on either leg, try out double crunches where elbows and knees are brought together and burpees.

Make the most of the gym in your hotel

Virtually every hotel worth its name anywhere around the world has an access to some gym in the area or a personal gymnasium for those accommodated in the facility. Make the most of the workout equipment available to remain fit and healthy. For instance, if the gym has a punching bag you can borrow gloves if you haven’t carried your own and engage in some quality cardio movements. Simply punch the bag straight to unleash jabs, sides for hooks and up and down for upper punches and a few kicks if you must. You can actually come up with interval workout routine where you throw in some other form of exercises in between the punches, such as a few seconds of planks and pushups to maximize on everything.

When you don’t have much time

Even with the fact that a gym might be available or wide spaces or just your hotel room space you might have very little time to do much. If you can get 20-30 minutes you should be able to make use of the available space, incorporate cardio exercises, strength training and bodyweight movements. You can jog around the room or gym floor for a few minutes or jog about on the elliptical/treadmill.

Weights are also great and can be used to work up a strength movement of maximum 45 seconds involving lunge curls and squat presses. Bicycles and planks can be alternated to build the core before completing the circuit with cardio exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks or high knees. You can then complete the workout routine with some runs or some time on the treadmill for a few minutes.