Top Hair Colors for Autumn

Top Hair Colors for Autumn

As summer becomes but a distant memory, and fall takes over, the change in seasons brings with it a change in what’s hot and not in hair coloring. This year many of the top hair stylists and colorists are taking classic colors and giving them some truly innovative updates, while relying on some interesting techniques.

What’s more startling though is the continuing and prevalent trend of using drinks and desserts as the inspiration not just for the tones themselves, but the names. There is something very attractive, understandably, about hair colors that sound tasty. Although you may write this off as merely a gimmick, it can help draw your attention to the subtleties at work in what might otherwise be another version of blonde or brown.

To help you find the right look this fall, we have highlighted some of the trendiest we’ve spotted this year.

Ashy, Mushroom-Like Blonde

Mushroom blonde might not be nearly as appealing as platinum blonde, that is until you see how good this color that falls somewhere between dark blond and light brown. It’s the perfect meeting place for those on either side of the light/dark spectrum that want to experiment with the opposite.

Toasted Coconut

Try not to lick your lips too much at the name of this next tone. This is a variation on what is most-widely known as brond, a brunette-blonde combination. However, toasted coconut has the benefit of being even less time-consuming in the maintenance side of things. One stylist achieves this coloring with an ice-colored toner to lend a silvery look to the blond. The toasted part refers to the dark and deep brown roots.

Lighter Shading Towards the Front

George Papanikolas, a stylist to the stars recommends adding dimension easily by using highlights that frame your face. You can achieve this by simply coloring your hair a few shades lighter than normal at the front, drawing greater attention to your facial features.

Pink is Still In – Try Rapinkoe

The trend of pink-colored hair shows no signs of dying out any time soon. The fact that social media went into a frenzy following Megan Rapinoe’s daring and sexy pink hair, only helps fuel the interest in those tones. If you want the US footballer’s look, affectionately dubbed as Rapinkoe, add depth with just a hint of violet into the mix.

Cold Brew

Perhaps you are not looking to try anything as outlandish as the above. The so-called Cold Brew coloring may appeal then. Eric Vaughn, a renowned colorist, is credited with first using this mix of various brown tones and a very light addition of red.

Whether you are looking for a complete hair color change or just want something a little subtle to match the change in weather, we are sure you will find something suitable from the above options.