Short Haircut Ideas That Are Both Stylish and Comfortable

Short Haircut Ideas That Are Both Stylish and Comfortable

Regardless of the season, a short hairstyle will always match your lifestyle, personality and preferences. Still not convinced? Well, a short hairstyle works significantly better when rocking those turtlenecks in the winter, it keeps you cool in the summer and it’s significantly easier to style. It already starts to sound better, right? Well, when you’ll see how amazing these hairstyles look, you’ll want to get one yourself immediately.

Straight lob

The straight lob will never get out of style, and fortunately for everybody that has piqued interest in such hairstyles, it is also one of the most comfortable and easy-to-rock. If you want that glossy, silky and straight hairstyle yourself, you should know it is trending this year as well. The straight lob is also easy to style, so go ahead. Nothing is stopping you to look your best this winter.

Curly shoulder cut

Women who are naturally blessed with curly hair can also rock those short haircuts too. When letting your hair grow out, the weight will keep it from showing off its spirals, shine, and wonderful texture. So, keep it shoulder-length to allow it to look its best. Just think of it, all that volume and texture will add a ton to whatever outfit you choose.

Side-swept crop

Chop your hair really short and rock the boyish hairstyle you always wanted. Short hair is back in style so why don’t you get rid of all the hassle of styling long hair? Styling is a breeze, you can look just as stylish (if not even more) as Victoria Beckham, plus, you’ll look amazing in the winter with a side swept crop and a chunky sweater. Thinking of the summer? Well, think of how comfortable and breezy you’ll feel when the rest of the world sweats through their every pore.

Fringed shoulder cut

To bang or not to bang, is mainly the question. So, thinking of that Christina Hendricks hairstyle? Well get one yourself. The fringed shoulder cut is just as easy to get and maintain as you’d expect, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. No matter your face share, you look stylish and overall fabulous. Not knowing how to style it once you get such a haircut?

Glass bob

If you want to look polished and comfortable at the same time, go for a glass bob. Smooth, silky and shiny, this is the perfect hairstyle for women who want to look their best, right when they get out of bed. By perfectly framing your face and grazing your shoulders, this is perfect regardless of your face shape.

Bold blunt cut

A new hairstyle can make you feel completely different, so go for this bold blunt to rock a new attitude. To make it bolder, dye your hair in an autumn-like copper colour.

Collarbone cut

The collarbone-cut is perfect for women who don’t want to stress about styling their hair AT ALL. Blow-dry your hair, add a touch of hairspray, and you’re good to go.