Quirkiest Fashion Trends of 2019

Quirkiest Fashion Trends of 2019

Humans are funny creatures, and we are willing to take chances in many ways in order to be noticed in public, or just to show off that they just don’t flow with society on the same river. They are willing to almost break a neck as they teeter and tower on platforms, strap themselves up in tight, short skirts, or even used to bind themselves tightly with corsets, just for style.

A Short History of Off-The-Wall Fashion Trends

Many historically odd fashion trends were dangerous, also. Bright dyes might have toxic arsenic in them, and large amounts of crinolines would catch fire, easily. Some old trends would even make getting through a normal day quite difficult. Anyone wearing bliauts were not able to move their arms around much or make use of them.

Once upon a time, men would find it difficult to walk in crakowes. Women wore panniers that made it tough to get through a narrow doorway. Thankfully, none of the trends are still floating around today, but certain fashion trends haven’t gotten any less quirky.

A Few Of The Quirkiest Trends Of 2019

We are reaching the end of 2019, and we’ve already seen a multitude of classy fashion trends, but the catwalks have also been inundated with some very questionable looks. Online retailers are now selling shorts, bikinis, dresses and other adoring adornments that would make any soul look brave for wearing them in public. Here’s a few of some of the latest oddities to trend in the market.

‘Here For Fun’ Bodysuit

This descriptively high side cut bathing suit is made by Fashion Nova. Some buyers have called it a “front thong” and stated it is not comfortable to wear. Others have used a femininely insulting title to describe what they look like when worn.

ASOS Harness Shorts

This item is cheap, however many shoppers who came across them in stores had no idea what they were for. The shorts reveal large cut out panels near the pubic area and on the legs. They have a high waistline that some are saying, “allows for the expression of individuality”.

Fishnet Bikini

This another cheap clothesline at approximately $12, but you need to be quite brave as a woman to wear these around, no matter your body size. There isn’t much left to the imagination with this bold statement of swimwear. The mesh material is not backed with a cloth, and therefore is quite revealing, and the extreme high rise really makes this style daring.

Mesh Side Panel Jeans

This is Topshop’s latest “hip” trend to come from the Jaded London collection. Some find the style “too cool” for them, but the cutout jeans are growing in popularity. They feature a high waist, black pant legs attached to another set of mesh pant legs laden with patterns such as glossy stars, or glittered hearts. If you like Cher, you will love to put these on for your next fancy dress-up party.

So will you be trying any of these fashion trends as 2019 draws to a close?