How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

Fashion can be tricky. A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about what fashion should be and how it all goes together. But what if you’re not interested? What if fashion isn’t something you pay a lot of attention to? Well in situations like those, you’re probably best off trying to go for a minimalist look. Something clean and tidy. If you’re interested, read on for some pointers.

Basic Minimalism Concepts

So let’s take a look at a few basic concepts for minimalism that should help you out. The whole principle with this way of living is that less is more.

How does this apply to the world of fashion? Well, a lot of people interpret it to mean that you don’t necessarily have to worry about having a lot of one-off items in your wardrobe. Instead, you have a few items which pair well together and that is what your entire setup looks like. It’s that simple.

Picking Staple Choices

So how do we put these principles into practice? Well, one thing you can do is focus on staple choices of clothing. You know, things that pair well together regardless of what you go with. For example, denim is always a good choice because it pairs with basically every type of clothing item.

T-shirts and blouses which are plain and neutral colours are a good idea as well. People typically tend to go for more relaxed tones when they choose a clothing item. The more subtle colours are the way forward here - louder and more ostentatious can look cheap and tacky when worn in certain situations.

Learning to Accessorise Well

If you’re going to have accessories with your outfit, then you need to apply this minimal approach to them as well. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a very simple and clean wardrobe, only to then overload with accessories and wind up with something they regret.

If you’re going to choose accessories, you need to keep this whole “less is more” thing in your head. Pick items which are discreet but of good quality, and try not to overload on them. You don’t need masses to look stylish. All you need is a handful of good quality things and you’ll be set for looking your best all day. Less is more.

To summarise, it is not difficult by any means to learn To  dress simply and well, but a lot of people really do not take the time to learn how to accessorise and it comes back to haunt them. We recommend that you take as much time as you need to find that minimalist wardrobe which works well for you, and not to worry too much about whether something will necessarily work for one social occasion. It’s more important to find pieces that have some staying power, and remember that even though you’re not mixing things up all that much on a day-to-day basis, you are creating a solid wardrobe for yourself.