A Look At 2019 Celebrity Clothing Trends

A Look At 2019 Celebrity Clothing Trends

For generations, we’ve been following the fashion trends of the rich and famous, so it’s no surprise that when we see Hollywood stars attending events wearing spectacular outfits, or even out and about doing their shopping in casual gear, we can’t wait to emulate their style. Here are some of the hottest and most exciting celebrity-led fashion trends for 2019 so you can try to copy them yourself.

Kaia Gerber – Oversized Tailoring And Tiny Shorts

Daisy Dukes-style denim shorts are a long-standing trend for celebrities and ordinary people alike, but Kaia Gerber took them to new heights this year by making the simple addition of some oversized tailoring. She was seen out and about sporting a miniscule par of blue denims with a thigh-length blazer and the look was surprisingly stunning!

Zoe Kravitz – The One Color Mini Top And Skirt

At one time, mini dresses were all the rage, but this year, Zoe Kravitz has taken the look in a new direction with a mini skirt and matching crop top both in the same color. In Zoe’s case, she chose head to toe white for a dramatic summer look that was just sexy enough without being too revealing. When paired with white stilettoes and an oversized white handbag, it was the ultimate in style, and a look that easily translates from the runway to the mall.

Alexa Chung – The Linen Suit

Whether for summer wear or for an office look which is effortlessly tailored yet comfortable, the linen suit is hard to beat and Alexa Chung showcased this style when out and about this year. Her natural beige jacket and trousers combo was an easy look to copy, especially when paired with chunky flats and a plain black sweater. Let’s not forget the chunky belt either which perfectly complemented the paper-bag waist that is such a hot look for 2019.

Cate Blanchett – Huge Shoulders

Cate Blanchett’s style on the red carpet this August harks back to the good old days of the 1980s when power dressing was the height of fashion. Her stunning Alexander McQueen jacket with its electric blue oversized shoulders are set to be an enormous trend for Fall 2019, especially with the resurgence in popularity of retro 80s style.

Zendaya – Leather Shorts

Leather shorts might not be a solution for the hottest days of summer, but it’s a look that fashion icon Zendaya made work at the Teen Choice Awards this year. Looking resplendent in pistachio green leather short shorts, she rocked the look and has spawned a trend that’s perhaps better suited to the teen market that she was representing at that event!

These are just some of the hot celebrity fashion trends that we’ve seen hitting the market this year. Who knows what the rest of 2019 will hold in store? With Fall and Winter still to come, we can’t wait to see the latest big name looks!