Top 4 Invoicing Software for Small Business

Top 4 Invoicing Software for Small Business

When it comes to invoicing, even the tiniest of mistakes can make a big difference for small businesses. Errors can mean the difference between failing to invoice on time, and therefore not being paid on time, which can have a huge impact on the cash flow situation at a small business or start up.

While it is, of course, possible to do everything manually, this can leave a small firm open to making mistakes in terms of both the sums involved and the timescale. Opting for an automated system can vastly reduce the likelihood of error as well as creating more time to concentrate on business strategy and day-to-day operations.

So, which are the best systems to choose when looking for invoicing software for small business? Here are 4 of the best invoicing software systems to choose from.


One of the best-known and easiest to use invoicing apps for small businesses, QuickBooks is a general accounting app designed to make keeping track of a firm’s finances easier. It has an invoicing dashboard which you can use to both see and to update any invoices you are sending and receiving.

You can also free up time which could be spent on other parts of the business by automating your regular invoices. The software also shows you your cashflow situation when you pay and receive payment, and can be connected to your bank.


While QuickBooks is designed as a general accounting tool, FreshBooks was created specifically with invoicing in mind. There is a tracking system for freelancers and small businesses and you can also personalize your invoices for customers by adding your company branding. You can then choose whether you wish to send your invoice to your clients via email, or if they would prefer a hard copy. There’s also an app for either iOS or Android to make invoicing and keeping track of payments easier on-the-go.

Zoho Invoice 

Zoho has a lot of capabilities, but that doesn’t make it too complicated to use for time-pressed small businesses. It is quick and simply to create an invoice through Zoho Invoice and the interface is very intuitive. You can send both invoices and quotes to customers and can also use the system through Microsoft, iOS and Android, which is vital if you need to be on-the-go during the day, rather than sitting at your desk to process your invoices. There are templates you can choose from to get started quickly, or you can opt to customize your invoices if you want to do so.


A good option for businesses which are one-man bands, or which consist of only a small team, Wave combines accounting and invoicing software. The dashboard is intuitive to use and everything you need is presented neatly, so there is no big learning curve to get started. A big plus point for Wave is that its software is free, so if you are looking for an automated system to help you balance the books and to free up time by sending out automated invoices without having to make any investment, this could definitely be worth looking at.

The benefits of invoicing software for small businesses

While it can be hard to think about making even a small cash outlay in a start up or small business, most invoicing software either comes with different packages to suit smaller or larger firms or, in some cases, is free. Investing in invoicing software for small businesses can make a difference between sending, receiving and paying invoices correctly as can free up valuable time to spend elsewhere in the business.