10 of the Best Work at Home Companies

10 of the Best Work at Home Companies

If you're looking to work at home, then you're probably a little skeptical. It's normal for anyone to question the legitimacy of an online company advertising remote positions, but don’t let that stop you from succeeding. Keep reading for a list of genuine opportunities to make money from home.

Just so you know, many people who 'work-at-home,' work from anywhere. They do so from the quaint coffee house downtown, the local bookstore, the library, and even their favorite fast food joint offering free WiFi. The main attraction for both millennials and baby boomers are the flexible hours.

College graduates agree the selling point for companies hiring today is the ability to work remotely and still make a decent salary. In fact, they feel as though they are winning because they don't have to follow a dress code, need transportation, or rush through the lunch hour. To help you become a part of the winner's circle, we complied a list of 10 of the best companies to work at home for from FlexJobs' list of 100 Top Companies. Check it out.


The beauty of working for Appen is they don't require you to have a landline. Appen has a variety of projects and available positions. They hire for positions such as Social Media Evaluators, Internet Analysts, and more. Although it depends on the project, you can work any hours of the day or night you want.


VIPKid is a major online company that employs tutors. They help children K12 learn to speak English. Tutors love this company because they pay anywhere from $14-22 per hour in addition to offering incentives. However, they don't give this job to just anybody. You need to have a bachelor's degree, plus prior teaching experience as a coach, tutor, or mentor.

Enterprise Holdings

If you're wondering about the name Enterprise and if it's connected to the car rental place, then you're right. Enterprise Holdings and Enterprise are one in the same. If you rented a car over the phone, it's likely you talked to a customer service agent or sales representatives wearing superhero-themed loungers. The starting pay is around $13 per hour for full-time agents. On top of the hourly wage, employees can receive a bonus.


Liveops, specializing in call center outsourcing, works with over 400 companies worldwide. Thousands have filled the remote call center positions such as roadside assistance, food orders and more. These positions are open to the public.


Xerox employs over 8,000 men and women and they have been doing so for over the last three decades. They enjoy the benefits of working from home as do their employees. Mainly, Xerox hires customer service agents, data entry, tech support, and admin assistance, but they have more positions available. Check their website regularly for updates.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions has been around since 1996 so it's safe to say they are a legit company. They offer a respectable assortment of remote call center openings. If you like talking or helping others, this may be a super job for you. You can provide support to seniors or to people needing tax assistance.


Intuit builds self-generated mobile, web, and cloud solutions that return more profits than any other company for over 46 million people. Employees claim Intuit is a fantastic company to work for starting with a competitive pay package and various shift options.


TranscribeMe offers transcription services to professionals. They pay from $15 to $22 per audio hour. What does an audio hour mean? It means it could take a transcriptionist four hours to transcribe only one hour of audio. However, they are in the habit of hiring applicants without experience or training. The hours are flexible and it's a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rewarding career.


You're going to need a home phone for SYKESHome. The good news is the company has been in business for about 20 years, there's no commute to work and they have openings often, plus have a diverse client list.


Individuals with a healthcare background will want to check out Anthem's website for work-at-home opportunities. Anthem offers a huge assortment of remote positions, however, most will require some training.